The Assassin's Dream

"A thrilling look into a future where women reign supreme, and the human race has begun to awaken to a vast new potential for good and evil."

2174 A.D.

Acquired Genetic Neurological Syndrome has killed nearly two-thirds of Earth’s male population, and women have risen to dominate all aspects of life. The Whole Body governs with chilling efficiency; the Ministry of Termination dispatches those who might threaten the world order, or whose usefulness has come to an end. To that end, a select few have been engineered to carry out the clandestine orders of the North American Council — K-Class assassins.

At 19, Kay Black is probably the most talented assassin the Ministry of Births has ever produced. Her career is going brilliantly, although she is troubled by odd shifts in consciousness and vaguely unsettling feelings that she can neither control nor fully comprehend.

Then during an assignment to terminate Angela Potemkin, a renowned scientist with the Central Office for Genetic Research, Kay discovers a mystery about her origins. The information turns her world upside down, and her search for the truth reveals that she has received an inheritance, something that makes her even more dangerous than an assassin.

The trouble is she is not alone in receiving this unexpected gift, a gift that by its very nature will challenge the foundations of power in the world … if Kay can survive long enough to use it.